Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Ghost Boys

on September 21, 2019

Jerome is twelve and mostly just a quiet kid, until one day when he is playing with a friend’s toy
gun. A police officer mistakes him for a threat and shoots him. But this isn’t the end of Jerome’s
story. As a ghost, Jerome meets Emmett Till, another boy who was killed in a racially charged
misunderstanding. Jerome learns about Emmett’s life and the aftermath of his own death. Through
the two stories, more questions are asked than answered, in a necessary exploration about the
prejudices of society.

4 Responses to “Ghost Boys”

  1. puppy61326 says:

    Ghost boys is the title of a book I want to read. This book sounds interesting to me. I am interested in this book because I want to know more about how kids are getting killed.

  2. awesome96 says:

    looks good. is it a good read?

  3. *BRITTENY_HOLLAND!** says:

    Ghost Boy was an interesting mysterious book. I did like it, I thought it had a good story line. At the beginning of the book it was a little confusing, but as the book goes on you will understand it more, and realize that the main character has flashbacks from when he was alive. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes mysterious books that have a hint of children getting bullied!

  4. soy sauce says:

    It’s a really sad book. Good story though.

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