Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Lifeboat 12

on August 31, 2019
This riveting novel-in-verse is the story of thirteen-year-old Kenneth Sparks and his experience on a lifeboat after surviving a torpedo attack during World War II. This is truly an edge-of-your-seat survival tale based on a true, but little-known disaster. The book has a broad genre and audience appeal. It will appeal to children of all ages.

9 Responses to “Lifeboat 12”

  1. Brownie lover says:

    Lifeboat 12 Is a very interesting story because there’s a lot of interesting things like the kids have to survive in a lifeboat for many days and hope to get rescued.They have lots of troubles with their feet because of the cold and salt water. This book is based on a true story. The main character Ken fought to survive and helped others in the boat. This book was very exciting!!!! Read it to find out what happens to Ken and the others.

  2. moooooooo says:

    Lifeboat 12 is an amazing book and I think you should read it..The book tells the story of some kids who are on a ship between England and Canada because they are escaping a war. Something happens to the ship and some of the passengers end up in lifeboat 12. There are many people on lifeboat 12 and very little water. Read this book to find out if they survive.

  3. fullsendmtb says:

    Lifeboat 12 is an awesome book because it has so much attention to detail about the people in the story. Ken Sparks. the main character, helps the little boys on the lifeboat when they were seasick. Also the author does an excellent job describing the setting, like how the large ship has very first class dining. These are three reasons why I liked the book Lifeboat 12 and I think you will too.

  4. Quinlan says:

    In Lifeboat 12 the main character Ken gets sent to Canada on a ship with other children to get him away from bombing during World War II. When he went on the ship he got a room with some little kids. Then the ship got torpedoed and Ken had to go on lifeboat 8. He quickly got off lifeboat 8 because he forgot his jacket on the ship. When he returned there were no more seats in any of the lifeboats. Finally a guy said there was room on lifeboat 12 so Ken got on the boat. He was stuck in the middle of the ocean waiting to be rescued. If you want to know more, you should read Lifeboat 12.

  5. jason says:

    I think you should read Life 12 boat because it is an amazingly interesting book and it is for all ages. I think Ken helped out the people on LifeBoat 12 because he knows a lot about planes. One of the characters read a story to them to keep their hopes up and I liked that part of the book.

  6. zozo13256 says:

    Lifeboat 12 is a good book in my opinion. It’s about a 13 year old boy who is sent away because his town is being bombed. His family sends him away to try to keep him safe. I would recommend this book to people who like action and drama.

  7. Random Human says:

    Lifeboat twelve is a great Historical Fiction book that is based on the sinking of The City of Benares from a 13 year old boy’s side of the experience. He and the others on the boat faced many things from dehydration, starvation, mirages and even more. Luckily they were spotted by the Britsh destroyer HMS Anthony more than a week after their tragic ordeal.

  8. Yet says:

    Lifeboat 12 is an amazing book

  9. jose says:

    I think Lifeboat 12 was a fantastic book. It didn’t leave out any details and it really shows the difficulty of being lost at sea and ken’s true life experience.

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