Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

The Inn Between

on September 7, 2017

Cohen, Marina, The Inn Between.

Quinn’s little sister Emma has vanished, leaving nothing behind but a backpack. Now on a cross-country trip with her best friend Kara and family, who are moving to California, Quinn ends up at the Inn Between, an elegant and eerie Victorian hotel in the desert, where people mysteriously disappear and she catches glimpses of Emma through distant windows. A spooky mystery for grades 5 and up.

6 Responses to “The Inn Between”

  1. Catherine says:

    I am reading The Inn Between. It’s by Marina Cohen it’s a really good book. I like the fact that it leaves you on a cliff hanger when you are done with the chapter. Also it’s a mystery and a funny book. The main characters in the book are Quinn, Kara, and Josh. It’s about how they get stuck in a hotel called the Inn Between and can’t get out. An they lost their parents on the second day they were there. The person at the desk was telling them they had to fix their car and bring it to a car place. Also Quinn lost her sister a while back but see keeps seeing her at the Inn Between. An she keeps seeing weird thing there and the workers are being weird.

  2. turtlecorn123 says:

    This book was amazing,when I read it I could not put it down. As I was reading it I tried to solve the mysteries they were trying to solve!

  3. I says:

    I love how there is a plot twist at the end. This is probably one of my favorite books on the list. I recommend this book to mystery lovers!

  4. savior says:

    I love how the to girls find something.

  5. Michael says:

    Amazing book. Definitely one of the best I’ve read. Love all the mysteries that were a part of the story!

  6. Michael says:

    The Inn Between was a really great book. I loved where all these people kept disappearing. That made me really think about what was happening, and also made me interesting throughout the way. I would deeply recommend this book.

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