Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Running Out of Night

on September 3, 2015
Girl lives with her brothers and her bad-tempered Pa, on the small farm that was her grandfather’s in Virginia in 1858. Since the death of her grandfather, the only person that showed her tenderness, Girl has become housekeeper and servant to the remaining menfolk–tending the garden, cooking, cleaning, and staying clear of their casual abuse as best she can. Still, Girl hasn’t given in. She is sustained by memories of her grandpa and all he taught her about wild and garden plants, stars, and animals, plus daily conversations with the mother she only knows from her grandpa’s stories. When a runaway slave girl named Zenobia shows up seeking refuge, Girl (later named Lark by Zenobia) decides to flee from her own horrible home life with Zenobia. Their dangerous escape brings them up against copperhead snakes, evil slave catchers and Lark’s own Pa and brothers who are chasing her down. Lark and Zenobia are joined by another runaway slave named Brightwell as they make their way to a Quaker safe house, where Lark believes Zenobia and her friends will be helped to freedom.

7 Responses to “Running Out of Night”

  1. flower of the north says:

    It was my favorite book of the dcf year:)

  2. basketball17 says:

    I really enjoyed this book. It had a lot of action on every page. I loved how “Girl” was very brave, and emotionally strong. She definitely had a lot of strength to put up with her abusive family for so long. Also I like how it was based during slave time because it taught me about what the slaves went through. I recommend this book for people who like friendship, history and lots of adventure.

  3. JGA says:

    This is a really moving book. This book is really sad and you can have mixed feelings about.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This book is really moving book. It is a really sad story.

  5. Dancer KI says:

    This book is very interesting because it is very intense. Because it is back when they had slaves so there is a little fighting. But it is a very good book and it is very hard to put down.

  6. Mable AT says:

    My favorite character is “Girl” because she is so brave to have to live with a cruel family, and I think that “Girl” and Zenobia are going to run away and hide.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This book is such a great book. I could put the book down. Awesome book but, sad.

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