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The Badger Knight

on September 2, 2015
In Northern England, 1346, war is being waged badgeragainst neighboring Scotland, and young men are leaving for battle. Adrian is nearly thirteen, but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at him. Asthmatic, small for his age, and albino, most people in his village see him as being sent from the devil–or at the very least useless. Even his father, a bowyer, doesn’t think Adrianis strong enough to be a bowyer’s apprentice. But when the Scots invade England, Adrian sees an opportunity to prove his worth. He follows his best friend Hugh into battle, bow on his back. But war is not as glorious as he thought it would be and chasing down the enemy is not as black and white as he imagines.

25 Responses to “The Badger Knight”

  1. axel_vitsal says:

    I thought this was a great book. I think it deserved more action though…

  2. Pu-taut-o says:

    This book taught me about the war and conflict between two places. It is a historical fiction story about a boy who wants to go to war. It’s packed full of adventure and lessons that I loved to read.

  3. Emma says:

    This book is a really good adventure for anyone who like adventures. Adrain wants to be a archer, instead of a scribe, to save his friend Hugh.

  4. Beautiful Skies says:

    I like the book Badger Knight because that book shows loyalty. Like Adrian stands by Hugh . and fights the battle with Hugh. Adrian won’t leave and that shows loyalty!

  5. Beautiful Skies says:

    I like the book Badger Knight because it shows loyalty. Like when Adrian wants to fight in a battle with Hugh. Adrian was right there next to Hugh and would not leave his side. That shows loyalty.

  6. cash money$$$ says:

    I think this book is cool because its about war. I liked when the Scottish man, Donald, saved an English boy. I also liked when he got hurt and Hugh helped him.

  7. darkdays2012 says:

    I really like the book and it made me happy when reading it because it had a lot of adventure and action. One really big action-filled part was the battle where Adrian the main character almost saved sir Geoffrey.

  8. Beautiful Skies says:

    I like Badger Knight it is a good book I especially like the part were Adrian strongly wants to fight in a battle with Hugh. That just means that Hugh is a good friend to Adrian. I like it because it shows loyalty.

  9. Fisher says:

    This is a really good. It goes back in history. A kid named Adrain wants to be an archery, not a scribe

  10. robsenpai2 says:

    I liked this book because it has adventure and action and some history and humor.I liked it when he was trying not to get peed on by a pagen Scot.


    i think it was an ok book. I wouldn’t say it was the best, but thats just my opinion, but might that be because it is a topic that I’m not interested in.


    i think it was an ok book. I wouldn’t say it was the best, but thats just my opinion, but might that be because it is a topic that I’m not interested in.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you read this book you would like it. It goes back in to history to tell about a boy named Adrian that wants to be an archer instead of a scribe.

  14. Brie says:

    I think it was a good book wouldn’t say the best. I like how Adrian strongly wants to fight beside his best friend Hugh.

  15. Viris says:

    I have only read part of this book and it is very interesting and not at the same time

  16. R.i.p emily says:


  17. R.i.p emily says:

    I love history books

  18. Andrew Best says:

    Badger Knight had a disappointing ending because it left three loose ends. One of the loose ends was Hugh and Bess went back to the village to heal Hugh’s grandmother, but I never found out if they even made it or helped Hugh’s grandmother. The next was that Badger went to the bishop to tell him about the selfish monk, but I do not know if he made it and the monk got captured, or if he even got to tell him. Lastly, did Badger get to his village? This probably would be my favorite book if it didn’t have these loose ends.

  19. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm says:

    This book was amazing and i totally enjoyed reading it. It had lots of mystery and detectiveness

  20. Kate says:

    I am enjoying this book a lot, but has anyone else noticed something wrong with Bessie the Ox?

  21. Sarah Silbert says:

    I am a mom of a DCF reader and we cannot even get a hold of this book at any library in our area because it is so popular! We are waiting our turn and will comment after…

  22. Toni says:

    What did you find especially cool about this book?

  23. Stephanie McMahan says:

    This book is cool and it is about history.

  24. Ms. Thompson says:

    It is a very good book. Students at my library have been loving this title!

  25. cotton candy yo says:

    I heard it was a really good book

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