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Ice Dogs

on September 2, 2015
Fourteen-year-old Vicky Secord’s dad taught her everything she knows about sled dogs and survival in the remote area of Alaska where she lives. But since his death a year ago, she feels lost without his guidance, and distant from her mother. Even worse, she feels she might have been able to save him if she had been with him the day of his accident. One day she heads outwith her dogsled team without telling anyone and the routine outing takes a perilous turn– she comes upon a snow mobile twisted around a tree, and she has to use everything her dad taught he rto save the life of its only occupant, Chris, a “citified” boy who Vicky decides has no right to be out in the woods at all. Vicky and Chris’s relationship evolves when they face hunger, hypothermia, wild animals, and icy waters as a four-hour trek becomes a harrowing six-day battle for survival.

56 Responses to “Ice Dogs”

  1. jorden says:

    i like this book and i hope u guys will read it sometimes and thanks u for read this book

  2. Bean says:

    I really liked this book.

  3. Dragon slayer says:

    I haven’t read the book but it sounds interesting because it is about sled dogs. I like dogs.

  4. Dragon slayer says:

    I haven’t read the book but it sounds interesting because it has lots of action. It is about sled dogs and I like dogs.

  5. batman says:

    Thanks for all the information about this book. Now I really want to read it!

  6. Dragon slayer says:


  7. kim possible 3000 says:

    totally PAGE TURNER

  8. TWC says:

    It does have a lot of detail and downs all the time like when they fell in a river ,but then they found shelter.

  9. NS says:

    @ Andrew Best I agree with you that Ice Dogs does have a lot of action and suspense. I also agree that they lead into many problem like animal encounters and starvation or hydration.

  10. EatPears says:

    Good book…, I love huskys and dogs. Good book for dog lovers and it has some suspense.

  11. FIRETHEBOB! says:

    I think this book is pretty cool. We are reading this in class.

  12. Tucker11 says:

    Good book. Some tense moments

  13. Super Doctor Major Professor Colonel Major General Captain Mr. President Sargent Sir Paladin Lord Overlord King Master Davkorious G. says:

    It’s a good book so far.

  14. Cdog5 says:

    i like ice dogs

  15. Yo says:

    This book starts with a bang

  16. Kadienne says:

    I think that Ice Dogs is good so far.

  17. Gjrdacer123 says:

    So far in this book (first chapter) Ice dogs is really interesting and emotional.

  18. Avery says:

    I think that this book is very detailed!

  19. Yo says:

    This book starts with a bang.

  20. NoodleArms says:

    this book starts off really intense

  21. Ices2234 says:

    Were at the part where she crashed into the truck

  22.$4 says:

    So we just started this book it seems good although I have not the love for dogs. But so far its good!

  23. Cody says:

    This book in really good so far.

  24. keegsn says:

    I really like the description of this book especially when the sled dog team got spit up.

  25. Des Hertz says:

    I love that this book has such a strong female heroine.

  26. Peanut Butter Biscuit PB says:

    should I read this and on A scale of 1 to 10 how much did you like it.

  27. a super strange name J.G says:

    I think this book looks really good I have not read it but I will soon
    anyway i have read there will be bears and it is going to win so HA

  28. Anonymous says:

    So good. She has so many hurtles to conker but she has seksededs so . Bean is my favored he is so protective. I hope that it has a surprise ending.

  29. ns says:

    I learned that Vickey really likes dogs also good at dog sledding.

  30. Andrew best says:

    I liked Ice Dogs because it has LOTS of action. One example is that they almost always had a problem they had to deal with in the woods. One of those problems is that they never had enough food. Also they had to stay warm or they would get hypothermia. The one part I didn’t like was that the author never wrote about the big race that caused her to go in the woods in the first place.

  31. POLAR BEAR A.M says:

    dear green Justin you are so wrong because either mark of the dragonfly or the night gardener is going to win

  32. JUSTIN says:

    she almost died like 10 times.

  33. gooseMSR says:

    I Just started but is very descriptive.

  34. ns says:

    my favorite characters are the dog’s case i like dogs

    it is about sledding dogs

  35. POLAR BEAR A.M says:


  36. hannahpeacock says:

    I agree. It is a very suspenseful book!

  37. JUSTIN says:

    the book is grate I got to chapter 27 it is woreing the heck out of me and yet I cant stop reading.

  38. Dragon Lord says:

    I love dogs

  39. Dragon Lord says:

    I love this book and I love dogs

  40. JUSTIN says:

    on chapter 20 hope the rest is as good as it is so far.

  41. JUSTIN says:

    this book is the best book ever and it is so descriptive and it will win overall by at least 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 voats

  42. I'm radioactive says:

    Wen I sow this book it was like a meteor hit my head then I though I am going to like this book.

  43. JUSTIN says:

    there having some trouble getting along on there journey there are so many problems.

  44. happy tree friends says:

    i want to read this book. it looks very interesting

  45. happy tree friends says:

    i want to read this

  46. Lilchlosterpink says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I want this to read this so bad !!!!!

  47. vinen says:

    great book, read it two times because it was so good!

  48. JUSTIN says:

    I love this book it is nice. she has such a grate connection with her dogs and she knows them well Blue seems frigidity and fun wile Bean seems protective.

  49. JUSTIN says:

    I love this book it is so real and fun. she loves her dogs and has such a Connection I have the same kind with my cat.

  50. Debbie says:

    A page turner! Great story – exciting, and feels very realistic.

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