Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

Hope Is a Ferris Wheel

on September 2, 2015
Ten-year-old Star Mackie is the new kid in town. She lives in a trailer park with her mom and her older sister Winter, and she is having difficulty fitting in with the other kids at school. She is constantly being made fun of for living in a trailer park and for having a blue layered haircut that many of her classmates insist is a mullet. In an effort to make friends, Star decides to form the Emily Dickinson Club, a group dedicated to discussing the poems of Emily Dickinson. The club brings together an unlikely group of kids who, despite their differences, have a lasting effect on one another. As Star works to improve life at school, she must also face some hard truths about her family and deal with difficulties at home. Through it all, Star must cling to her sense of hope.

10 Responses to “Hope Is a Ferris Wheel”

  1. Taylor says:

    This book was so good.I loved every second of it was so shocking towards the end but I am not going to tell you it because I am not that type of person okay.

  2. cookie monster says:

    This is not my kind of book but i like it it is ok

  3. BillyBobJoe says:

    I think that Hope is a Ferris Wheel was an okay book but Winter becoming pregnant was a little to extreme as she would have had to get pregnant and she was only sixteen. Overall, I think this book was good but it could have been better.

  4. isabelle says:

    This was funney and sad at the time because they live in a trailer park and so do i.

  5. Awkward Child 77 says:

    I realllllllllly really like this book. It deals with bullying and humor and sadness . I can relate with to this book a lot

  6. cupcakeSN says:

    When I was at the end of the book I could not stop reading I wanted to know what happened and how it happened so badly that I finished the book and now I wish that there was another book so I could find out more about star makie and winter.

  7. cupcake SN says:

    I like hope is a Ferris wheel because it has so much meaning like just the tittle has meaning to it. I think that the way the book is written it just grabs the attention of the reader.

  8. cupcake SN says:

    I wounder if star and winter will get to there fathers house with out there mother knowing and with there father actuality being there.

  9. Mackenzie says:

    I could not put this book down until it was done!I also liked star’s
    Emily dickson club.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I recommend that you read Emily Dickinson poems while reading this book.

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